First, the recruitment will be held in the Soviet Union will be four colleges and universities in campus recruitment or recruitment will participate in college recruitment, detailing the Su four profiles, corporate culture, philosophy and recruitment policies, benefits. If you would like to learn more about Sue IV, whether you are a student or not, we would like to invite you to our job fair.

Second, the delivery resume You can resume delivery in the following three ways

① in the job fair to the staff posted resume

② Su four website , online application for the post and post resume

③ send your resume to the company's e-mail: Resume can be sent in the form of attachments

④ in Zhaopin online to send us resume. (, search Suzhou Fourth Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., you can check our company released the latest job requirements).

Third, the interview

① graduates will be arranged after the end of the job fair interview, the specific arrangements by the recruitment of field staff will be released;

5 minutes in advance to reach the interview site and bring the following materials to participate in the interview: personal detailed resume, ID card, academic transcripts stamped, English grade certificate, computer grade certificate, enough to show you during school performance of other materials. The specific interview results shall be subject to the notice of the administrative manpower.

Fourth, the internship company can arrange fresh graduates to the company internship, specific internship arrangements to the staff of the Ministry of Human Resources notice shall prevail.