First, graduating students graduation process: graduation certificate, ID card copy, the relevant certificate materials, an inch of white recruiting 2, Suzhou Industrial and Commercial Bank card, health examination report (physical examination project to the Ministry of Manpower notice).
Intern: original employment agreement, employment recommendation form of the original, ID card, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China card, health examination report (physical examination project to the Ministry of Personnel Administration notice).

II. Arrangement for the Internship of the Graduates to the Company If the Company and the graduates have signed the Employment Agreement, the colleagues of the Administration and Human Resources Department of the Company will contact you to arrange the internship and the internship time. Unified summary.

Third, the company reported to the company in accordance with the unified arrangements for the reporting time from time to time, if necessary, the company administration and human resources according to the actual situation arranged to the nearest car or train station shuttle.

Fourth, the entry required materials

① necessary materials: ID cards, academic certificates and degree certificates of the original, if not provide such information can not sign a labor contract.

Graduation to the company when the internship to provide a copy of ID card, after graduation and then add a copy of academic credentials and degree certificates, if not successful graduation, the company will work with the parties to lift the employment agreement;

② other materials: English level certificate, computer grade certificate, other relevant certificates;

③ For companies to resolve the relationship between the file, account and party organizations, please submit a timely report card, household registration card and organizational relationship letter of introduction.

V. RELATED TRANSFER RELATED MATTERS If the Company resolves the problem of file, account and party organization relationship according to the principle of voluntariness, if it is necessary to transfer the file, account and party organization relationship to the company, the following information shall be correctly filled in the registration card, Organizational relationship introduction letter related content.

① If the files need to be transferred, the address is "No. 222, Zhujiang Road, Changshu, Jiangsu Province," and the title is "Changshu Human Resource Market".

② household registration: graduation card and a copy of the original, the original report card, the original account card migration, the file has been transferred to Changshu City human resources market;

③ If the relationship between the party organization, the Communist Party members or members of the organizational relationship into a unified, "the Fourth Suzhou Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Branch Committee", the relationship between the letter of introduction to the rise of "CPC CU Suzhou Organization Department." The letter of introduction of the party relationship is issued by the party organization of the host institution.

6, the report, please bring their own daily necessities, including: bedding, toiletries.

The above matters need to be understood, please contact the company's administrative and human resources staff, contact information is as follows: Tel: 大红鹰dhy注册送35 Fax: 0512-52970929 Mobile: 17751175008 E-mail: Website: www. Address: Changshu City, Jiangsu Province, Hai Yu Hai new town on the 2nd